"Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt" -Ludwig Wittgenstein

Erweitern Sie diese Grenzen, überwinden Sie Kommunikationsbarrieren und lernen Sie Kulturen kennen

Starting on Monday, 20th September, 2021

Business English – Going global   

Level Pre-intermediate to Intermediate, B1

You work in an international environment and need sound skills of Business English?

Remember that language defines your personality.

Learn how to walk on safe ground and be more convincing.

Contemporary units for classroom study covering all four skills (reading, speaking, writing, listening) in a dynamic and integrated way together with business vocabulary and grammar revisions.

Our focus:       

Company profiles - Production and selling - Business travel - Business relationships -
Finance - Human resources, based on:

Business Benchmark, Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate 
ISBN: 978-3-12-540310-9 **


Appointments:                   20 appointments, 90 mins each

Participants:                       max. 8

Starting:                              Monday, 20th September,2021

Time:                                   Mondays, 18.00 h – 19.30 h

Via:                                      ZOOM *

Kursgebühr:                         333,20 € inkl. Mwst.

If you want to take your skills further, zoom in!


*Download free ZOOM software, you will receive an invitation to your classes.
 Software available for PC/tablet/smart phone. The software is easy to handle.

** Teaching material is not included.